Installation view of Matilde (for Olympia), exhibited in For Ed:Splendor in the Grass with Olympic Lad and Lass, curated by Robert Storr and Sam Messer at the Green Gallery at Yale University, New Haven, CT, 2013

The photograph depicts one of the several casts in Pablo Neruda’s house in Isla Negra of his wife Matilde Urrutia’s hand. I had recently spent time in Chile photographing his house and objects, and when invited to participate in this exhibition commemorating the 150 year birthday' of Manet’s painting of Olympia, I came across this image in my archive - a bronze cast of Matilde’s hand which is positioned identically to the hand of Olympia. The sculpture takes this coincidence as a subtext to materialize a connection that is fictional, and preserve an ephemeral gesture- the imagined imprint from Olympia’s hand resting on the flesh of her thigh. Archival pigment print, foam, plaster, steel. 2013