Installation view of work developed during Lower Manhattan Cultural Council ‘Swing Space’ residency on Governors Island, NYC, July - December 2013.

The project consists of a series of cast sculptures using found objects, debris, and other discarded material on Governors Island where the LMCC studio is located. These range from objects left behind by tourists during the summer visitation season to fragments of demolition debris from the construction site that was active during this time, demolishing all the post-war houses to make a public park on the island’s tip, yet leaving intact the historic sector of the island with early century buildings which had served as a military base, hospital, and prisoner compound during the civil war. It is in this layered context that the project arose, thinking about the use and expiration of buildings and objects, how functions and relationships to place transform over time. The sculptures were then brought back out on the island and ‘posed’ to be photographed, inserting the objects back into the landscape and architecture as if they had been found in that way. The images and objects present themselves neither as debris nor ruins but somewhere in-between, artifacts of an undetermined time.

Project in collaboration with Carlos Vela-Prado