Installation view of ‘Avenida de los Incas’ in the exhibition ‘Opera Prima’ at Casa Nacional del Bicentenario, and ‘A Veces un Lugar’, at HILO Galería, both in Buenos Aires Argentina. 2016

Images below include documentation of process making the works on-site.

I began this project after moving to Buenos Aires and living in my grandparents home on Avenida de las Incas, an early century house which had been uninhabited for several years before I arrived. I found myself surrounded with all of the furniture, objects, and photographs that generations of my family had acquired and stored during their life and immigration to BsAs in the early 1900's. The house became both a studio and subject-matter: I wanted to document the house through these objects, where the process of photographing would bring me closer to this history in a physical way. I brought everything up to the roof and built a giant camera to make cyanotypes, images made with only sun and water, a process developed in the mid 19th century when many of these objects where acquired. The images became a kind of family portrait, real-scale blueprints of how I imagined the house may have once been inhabited.