Installation view of Gradual Withdrawal of an Ocean at Yale University, New Haven, CT, May 2013. 

The installation materializes the experience of light as a physical phenomenon, specifically as it relates to photography. The room is illuminated only by an overhead light shaft and hung centrally is a large paper: one side is black to absorb and the other side white to reflect, dividing the entire room into a gradient. The photographs exhibited present a variety of situations where the presence and absence of light is central to the image and how passage of time is perceived: classical views of the ruins in Greece shot during a trip with my mother, a crack of sunlight under the bridge of a New Haven construction site, a horizon of ocean and sky in southern Chile. They are all monochromatic silver gelatin and salt prints except for a found color photograph of daffodils which rests on the the paper, the ripples of the flowers echoing the curl of the paper’s edge.