A Day’s Dust, two person exhibition by Claudia Cortinez and Alva Mooses at Studio 17, Stavanger, Norway. June, 2018

This exhibition was supported by Studio 17 in collaboration with Tou Trykk Grafisk Verksted, Stavanger Norway. During the months of May/June 2018, Claudia and Alva were artists-in-residence and teaching a summer class, Touching Landscape, at Tou Trykk. The course explored intersections of experimental print and photographic processes extending studio practices into the urban environment.

Negative spaces that appear between edges and moments of contact--what passes through and collects on a surface: these tactile encounters have structured both artists’ experiences navigating this city. Claudia’s sculptural casts bring the eye to repeated perforations on concrete, building walls, the ground we stand on. The impressions are seemingly weightless, yet are made by the pressure of cars driving over dirt and rust- a provisional printmaking that makes light what is embedded around us. Alva’s clay impressions suspend fragments of architecture into intimate proximity of the viewer. By using local stone and debris Alva creates markers of color and texture that reflect how the surrounding sea informs a landscape.