2019 Keyholder Residency at Lower East Side Printshop- April 1st 2019- April 1st 2020

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The Day the Clown Cried at Bible
Sam Branden/ Claudia Cortinez/ Charlotte Lagro

January 13 - February 10, 2019
Opening Reception, January 13, 6-8pm 

19 Monroe St, NY, NY

Co-curator of Supported at its Ends—Hanging by its Weight, an exhibition that brings together fourteen artists based throughout the Americas from New York City, to Mexico City, Argentina, and Chile. This exhibition is an inaugural event by LAZO, a platform developed by Alva Mooses & Claudia Cortinez as a resource and archive for contemporary artists of Latin American and Caribbean descent.

Artist in Residence at Loisaida Center - developing project LAZO in collaboration with Alva Mooses

from December 2018 - March 2019

Sixteen Memos for the Next Millennium, curated by Vanessa Kowalski, a group exhibition featuring the works of the 2018 Season IV NARS Foundation artists-in-residence.
Nov 16th - Dec 14th, 2018
Opening Reception: Friday, November 16th 6-8 pm

Piedras y Piel solo exhibition at Galería NAC

Opening October 3rd, 2018

Juan de Dios Vial Correa 1351, Santiago, Chile

Curator of Retrato de un Paisaje, exhibition of 16 artists from NYC and Buenos Aires with a material approach to photography, at the Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori in Buenos Aires Argentina.

September 1st - October 7th 2018
Buenos Aires ///
Rodrigo Alcon Quintanilha, Erica Bohm, Ayelen Coccoz, Claudia Cortínez, Estefanía Landesmann, Samuel Lasso, Carolina Magnin, Pedro Wainer 

NYC ///
James Hyde, Myeongsoo Kim, Barney Kulok, Esperanza Mayobre, Alva Mooses, Libby Pratt, Martyna Szczesna, Max Warsh 

Copias Imperfectas, 2-person exhibition with Analía Zalazar, curated by Marcelo Pelissier, at Casa Walter, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2018.

A Day’s Dust is a two person exhibition by Claudia Cortinez and Alva Mooses including new work produced in Stavanger, Norway. This exhibition was supported by Studio 17 in collaboration with Tou Trykk Grafisk Verksted.

Studio 17. Stavanger, Norway
Exhibition period: 21.06–25.06 2018

A Days Dust flier.jpg

Artist in Residence at Tou Trykk Grafisk Verksted, teaching summer workshop Touching Landscape with Alva Mooses, intersecting experimental photographic and printmaking processes. Stavanger Norway, 2018.

CONCENTRESE EN LO QUE ESTÁ HACIENDO – NO SE DISTRAIGA – CENTRESE – ESTE ES SU TIEMPO, curated by Martín Craciun, group exhibition at BSM Art Building, Buenos Aires, Argentina, May 2018

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Artist in residence at Real Time and Space, Oakland, CA, February - March 2018.

Flat/Touch curated by Karen Tepaz and Jason Segall, Steuben Gallery at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, Feb 2018.

ABC Beca de Arte Contemporáneo: Arte, Resistencia, Resiliencia, curated by Marcello Pelissier and Lucas Marín, group exhibition at Gachi Prieto Gallery in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Jan 2018.